- Know Us -

We know outdoor furniture. Samantha is a furniture designer by trade. She’s worked for companies big and small making their outdoor furniture awesome, but her dreams have always been bigger. Eric is a spreadsheet guy… business degree from a big university, lots of corporate experience with indoor and outdoor furnishings, but with a largely untapped creative streak.

Together we make a deadly outdoor furniture team!

- The Product -

You've got choices. You can buy disposable patio furniture every year, or you can spend thousands on beautiful heirloom outdoor furnishings. In between things get a bit blurry - lots of questionable quality claims, lots of bad style, and little factual information to make a good buying decision. We’ve built Leisure Made to reflect our values – beautiful designs, using better quality materials, priced for real families, and protected with a no hassle one year warranty. You should know exactly what you're buying and who you're buying it from.

Spending time with friends and family is our priority. Why not enjoy it in a beautiful outdoor space that won't cost you a fortune?