Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions... we have answers! If your answer isn't on this page, give us a call, write us an email or contact us HERE.

- How long does it take to get my order? After all, I have some backyard lounging to do!

We ship orders within 2 business days. Our warehouse is located in sunny California. Depending on where you're located, it typically takes 3-10 days from order placement until your furniture arrives. We'll email you a tracking number once your order ships. Our freight company will call you to set a Monday through Friday delivery appointment.

- What happens if I received damaged furniture, or parts are missing?

Call, or email, and we'll get things straightened out quickly. After all, you trusted us and made a furniture purchase from a little company in Marietta, Georgia, without ever laying a hand on the merchandise. If something goes wrong, we owe you terrific customer service. hello@leisuremade or 888-682-3012

- I received my furniture and I'm unhappy with my purchase. Am I out of luck?

Absolutely not. If your furniture isn't right for your space, or you just aren't thrilled with your purchase, call us within 30 days. We'll take it back and credit you 100% of the purchase price. We ask that you return the product in its original cartons and that you pay the return freight.

- Where can I see the furniture before I make a purchase?

Welcome to the new retail world... believe it or not, we sell every piece of furniture without anyone ever sitting on a cushion before they purchase! This model keeps our overhead low and allows us to pass on great values, but "what the heck - it's furniture!" Crazy, we know. This is all about trust. We've been in this industry for 20+ years. We know what makes good patio furniture. We sell on our site and through the sites of just about every major U.S. retailer. If you are anyway unhappy with your purchase, return it for a full refund. All we ask is that you pay the return freight.

- How tough it to assemble Leisure Made furniture?

Good question. We try to keep assembly to an absolute minimum. For example, our typical chair comes in three pieces... left arm section, right arm section, and the seat/backrest. There are 2-4 bolts to attach the arm sections to the seat/backrest. Some sets require you to attached the feet with 3 bolts. That's it. You should know that every set we manufacture has been assembled in the factory before being disassembled and cartoned for shipment. The last thing we want is you to struggle with poorly engineered assembly when you're ever so close to sitting back and enjoying your new outdoor furniture! Borrow a friend, and allow an hour or so to unbox and assemble.

- Can I get Leisure Made furniture in different colors or configurations?

Nope. What you see is what you get! We offer multiple fabric options. The wicker and metal finishes come in one option only. We do not sell our product in individual pieces. Just the configurations you see in the photos.

- Is Leisure Made outdoor furniture weatherproof?

This question gets other outdoor furniture manufacturers into a lot of trouble. So pardon the rant... Our industry has gotten into a bad habit of over-selling the quality of their products and ultimately disappointing customers. No outdoor furniture is weatherproof. Ignore generic claims like "weather-resistant" and "fade-resistant." Depending on the quality of materials used, where you live, and how much direct exposure to sunlight and weather, your furniture will hold up better or worse than others'. We suggest you look for a stated warranty. If a manufacturer won't stand behind the quality of their product, then they've cut corners. It's also important to protect your investment. Cover the furniture with outdoor furniture covers. Take your cushions inside when not in use.

Rant complete. Thank you for your kind attention.

- How do I take clean my outdoor furniture?

Although our cushions are zippered, and can be removed, we do not recommend throwing them in the washing machine. Spot cleaning stains with mild soap and water is always good bet. Stay away from harsh chemicals and anything with abrasives in it. Protect your investment by using furniture covers and taking cushions inside when not in use.

- Can you educate me about the materials used in outdoor furniture, so I know a bit more about what I'm buying?

Why yes we can... happily!

Frames - Steel is stronger than the aluminum used in outdoor patio furniture, but even though steel is powder coated, it will eventually rust when exposed to the elements. More expensive aluminum won't rust, but in furniture that retails below $3,000, aluminum can be so thin (to save cost) that it becomes brittle and is prone to structural failure over time. Leisure Made uses steel, when it can be covered with wicker to protect from rusting, and thicker gauge aluminum when the metal is exposed to the elements.

Fabric - In the simplest terms, outdoor furniture fabric is either polyester, olefin, or acrylic. Polyester can range from really cheap to good quality. Olefin generally will perform better than polyester. On the high end, you'll find acrylic fabrics, like Sunbrella. If you're not in the industry, fabric is a confusing mess of over-stated claims by manufacturers. Our suggestion is look at the warranty. It's a good indication of the quality of the fabric used. Leisure Made uses good quality olefin and warrants its product for 1 year.

Resin Wicker - "Outdoor" wicker, "Weather-resistant" wicker, "Resin" wicker, is all plastic wicker. There are a couple of different types, but generally speaking, the thicker, the better. Thin wicker can be more susceptible to breaking down under the harsh UV rays of the sun. UV exposure makes resin wicker brittle... eventually it will start to break. Again, the manufacturers' warranty is probably your best indication of whether or not they've used cheap wicker. Anything less than 1 year raises a caution flag.